The Xbox will hit the Chinese Stores on the 23rd of September

Finally, the Chinese officials have agreed that video games are not such a tremendous threat for the people’s health. They have also made legal the selling of game consoles throughout the country. Therefore, Microsoft has announced that Xbox One is going to be launched on the Chinese market on the 23rd of September. Chinese gamers will have to possibility to purchase the famous console for 599 US dollars (3,699 yuan).

Xbox One is the first gaming console to be sold on the Chinese territories. The sale process will be done through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The marketing vice-president of Microsoft, Mister Yusuf Mehdi said that selling in China was definitely a challenge for Microsoft but also a huge honor at the same time.

The partnership signed with Bes-TV belonging to E-Home Entertainment implies that Redmond has the possibility to introduce Xbox One with more than seventy games. It can also introduce numerous films, series, television programs, documentaries, sports events and many others.  Famous games will be distributes along with the free, less known ones. Thus, game enthusiasts will have the possibility to purchase the Forza Motorsport 5 for prices varying between 99 and 249 yuan (the official Chinese currency).

Zhang Dashong, the senior vice president working for Shanghai Media Group and for E-Home Entertainment said that his team had been working with Microsoft for about a year in order to prepare the Xbox for the Chinese market. He also added that the companies had a similar vision about entertainment and gaming.

Some of the games on the Xbox One will not be available on other devices sold in China. Gamers will be able to spend their free time enjoying the challenges of Zoo Tycoon, Powerstar Golf or Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood. Other games will be available later in the year. Among these will be Halo and Sunset Overdrive. Some of the best game producers in the world are working together in order to bring their best games to the Chinese buyers. Electronic Arts, 2 K and Ubisoft and a few local developers will bring their contribution to the Xbox One library.

In the Xbox pack, buyers will find games like Neverwinter and Powerstar Golf. They will be backed up by a Special Edition Pack and BesTV. To make the experience more pleasant the users will get free access to the Xbox Live Gold during the month of March. They will also benefit from a local interface, content translated into their language and native methods of payment. Moreover, users will receive a warranty of two years for the purchased product and customer service support tailored according to their needs.

There will be a Day One edition, which will obviously be limited. It will have Kinect for the Xbox One, some extra games and various exclusive offers. This special edition console will be available for the price of 4,299 yuan.

The announcement about the Xbox release in China has come after the Chinese authorities have made several unannounced searches at four of the Microsoft basis located in China. They have said that they were investigating some antitrust accusations. Nonetheless, these actions have not affected the September launch.

After the Xbox One release, Redmond has decided to remain in the Chinese territories in order to set up two centres for innovation. The purpose is to stimulate local initiatives in the development of video games and applications. One of the centres has already found a crib in Shanghai. They are expected to become engines to boost the entertainment industry on the Asian continent.

The centres will receive funding from the government but also from Microsoft.

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