HealthKit Dev Tool for US Health Specialists from Apple

Apple has in plan to offer health specialists across US its HealthKit development tools. Reuters and MacRumors claim that the HealthKit and the Health applications are studied by health specialists working for the Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai and Allscripts.

There have been numerous items on information on the how the HealthKit and the Health applications might team up with the so much talked about iWatch. However, Reuters points out the fact that Apple intents to make health information available for both clients and health specialists. Thus, health aspects such as pulse,, weigh and blood pressure would be accessed by the patient and the doctor treating him/her.

The report offering this new piece of information on Apple’s plans claims that the Cleveland Clinic is experimenting with HealthKit beta in order to identify solutions for the clinic usage of the kit. The HealthKit might save time and resources for many hospital and doctor’s offices. Applications such as fitness tracker or Glucometers will no longer bother doctors while trying to cure a patient.

The HealthKit and the Health App are going to be launched this year and they will be functioning on iOS8. But, the applications are available for iOS registered developers even now.

Nonetheless, medical specialists might feel a bit reluctant when it comes to using the HealthKit due to the privacy issues. But Apple is definitely determined to convince both medical specialists and ordinary customers to use these health applications.

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