A More Powerful Processor For iPhone 6 the 5.5 Version

As the supposed September launch of the new iPhone 6 draws nearer, there are more and more rumors spreading around. The latest one refers to the fact that the processor of the 5.5 inch version is going to be bigger than the one of the 4.7 inch model.

Timothy Arcuri an analyst working for Cowen&Co made this prediction on the basis on the Asian supply checks. AppleInsider has received a copy of the report containing this piece of information.

Arcuri was informed by his sources that the iPhone 6, the 5.5 version will have a more powerful processor than the smaller version of the iPhone 6. This is not a first time strategy for Apple. Thus, the A7 processor of the iPad Air has a power of 1.39 gigahertz while the iPad mini has a processor having just 1.29 gigahertz.

The analyst has claimed that the processor of the larger version of iPhone 6 might come in with a larger die. This hints towards a wide architectural split.

A more prominent die may imply that the 5.5 inch model is going to have extra on-die silicon. It may also imply that Apple will produce two types of chips (the much rumored A8) in various plants and using various production processes.

An older rumor claimed that Apple has the intention to split the production of the A8 between the Taiwan based TSMC and the famous South Korean company Samsung. However, other rumors have claimed that the Taiwanese company has managed to obtain the whole order.

Arcuri considers that there will be some difference between the touch modules of the two phone versions. For the time being TPK is the company producing touch modules for the iPhone. However, certain changes might occur as the company is supposed to have been selected as the producer for the nanowire parts of the iWatch.

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