Google and Apple Imposed to Change Their Refund Policies for the South Korean Users

The Fair Trade Commission functioning in South Korea has imposed application stores over the country to eliminate all their non-refundable policies. The Commission hopes that its moves will have influence in other countries as well.

The FTC (abbreviation for Fair Trade Commission) in South Korea has imposed to both Apple and Google to exclude all the clauses referring to the non-refunding terms applies in their Google Playa and Apple Applications Stores. The Commission considers the clauses as being unfair towards the clients.

After this action of the Korean FTC, all Android type applications have canceled their clauses referring to the non-refundable aspect of their products. As a consequence the sellers have to put up new refund policies for their customers. Thus, the applications that automatically took money from the users after the expiring date of the free trial will not be allowed to called “free trails” anymore.

They will now be referred to as paid applications which can be used for free for a short period of time. When this period comes to an end the user has the possibility to decide if he/she wants to prologue the usage period by paying money to the producing company. The users who have managed to download applications that are faulty will have the possibility to recover their money.

The Commission specifically asked suppliers to inform customers of Applications Store about the modification of terms and about the conditions. They have to do this beforehand and thus, give the customers the chance to cancel their actions and receive some sort of refund if they are against the terms. Moreover, the in applications buying can be recovered as well.

The Korean Commission had high hopes that all these actions will definitely be an example for many other countries world-wide, which will take the decision to follow their example of fair trade.

The head of the Fair Trade Commission, Hwang Won-Chul, in Korea declared for the Korean Herald that Google decided to use this policy on the Korean territory only, while Apple is taking into consideration of applying it in all its stores, regardless the country.

The new policy created problems for the suppliers but also for the customers. Thus, if the later somehow brake the terms and conditions accompanying the applications, they will be considered guilty of the damage done. The violation has to be evident and the developer is the one who has the right to complain about the damages done.

Before this action of the FTC, the employees working for the developer were not considered responsible for the damage. With the new law they have to face the consequences of their actions whether they did the damages on purpose or just because they were negligent.

In early spring 2014, the Korean FTC applied corrective measures as such for the applications stores being part of SK Telecom, LG Uplus and KT.

The Striking Resemblance between MIUI 6 and iOS 7

MIUI 6 was presented on Saturday (the 16th of August 2014) during a presentation event organized in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

The MIUI 6 is the latest smart phone UI created for the Xiaomi gadgets functioning on Android. The MIUI 6 is characterized by some important design changes and several new features. Xiaomi is often referred to as China’s Apple. The Chinese company considers its MIUI 6 the best MIUI ever to be created. But numerous industry pundits claim the MIUI version produced by the Chinese company has lots of features in common with the iOS 7 and iOS 8 belonging to Apple.

Xiaomi has said that the MIUI 6 is during the beta testing phase, having 1,000 testers checking out its functionality. However, there are high chances for the testers’ number to reach 10,000. The Chinese company has said that the MIUI 6 will be available for the public starting with the month of September.

The MIUI 6 will be first tested on gadgets like Mi2, Mi 2A, Mi 2S, Redmi Note and Remi 1S. The upgraded versions will be available at the start of 2015. The MIUI 6 has a totally new design characterized by flat icons for applications.

There is also a new camera application which will permit to make the switch between the camera in the back and the one in the front. The lock screen notification system has also been changed. The notifications will look as if folded by default.

The global search function will permit users to put the search box wherever they want on the screen. The MIUI 6 also has an improved Linux kernel and optimized random access memory techniques. Other improvements include the power saving feature necessary to optimize the standby time of the gadget. The users can also benefit from the ten gigabytes of free Mi Cloud storage space for their photos, messages and other data. The Mail application has been redesigned.

However, certain applications icons look very similar to the ones belonging to Apple’s iOS 7 and iOS 8. This is the case of the icons designated to indicate applications such as calendar, compass, time or the calculator.

Latest Blackberry PGP Encrypted Mobile Technology Released

With everything happening in the world these days, it is hard to tell if anything you do is protected any longer. Some individuals have accepted this level of intrusion as something that they do not care about, do not need to concern about, or simply cannot do anything to avoid from occurring.  This should not be the case. No one should involuntarily give up their right to confidentiality. Many people simply cannot allow it because of the sensitive ideas that they work on.

Some government agencies have overstepped their bounds in the eyes of many citizens, by overreaching in their scope of how far they go in collecting data. The one thing that has not been known is that government organizations may be stepping on the toes of other agencies, either government or non-government, who absolutely last by secrecy. Not everyone knows what the other is performing, nor should they in an ideal world. Obstacles must be held in place in specific situations.

Android and iPhones have proven to be untrustworthy when considering to encryption email and data security. These common devices were relatively reduced to the status of toys when considering to industrial or professional grade security against espionage at any level. No one knows where the compromise starts and comes to an end with these systems whose very hardware was born with the idea of offering access to those who demanded it from certain levels.

This is false with the Blackberry pgp encrypted phone. It does not seem to be the serious target of any identified or unknown organizations at the hardware level. Regardless, it still needs strong security at the software level. Here is where PGP encryption software comes in.  Using this properly manufactured and customized solution, folk using Blackberry pgp phones with the pgp email encryption software correctly setup and configured can have assurance again that their information is not available to anybody except the intended targets.

This is a huge advantage, and a comfort to the business and confidential sector. Being able to shut out spying eyes and nosy ears is a blessing. Now, it is an affordable instrument that is available through only a select people. Right now, the leader of this technology is a company called They make their product available directly from their website. They are offering internationally blackberry pgp encryption phones since 2004.  This is a highly reliable and trusted company in the pgp encryption software world.

Currently, it appears possible to take back your world, and submit and get highly sensitive confidential information. Of course, the authorities is not pleased concerning this.  They keep to press for legislation against this type of software, openly acknowledging that they are helpless against it.  What comes around goes around. Nowadays, you reap what you sew. Many would say that it is Karma. Still others, like Blackberry Encrypted Phones, would say mind your personal business!

HealthKit Dev Tool for US Health Specialists from Apple

Apple has in plan to offer health specialists across US its HealthKit development tools. Reuters and MacRumors claim that the HealthKit and the Health applications are studied by health specialists working for the Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai and Allscripts.

There have been numerous items on information on the how the HealthKit and the Health applications might team up with the so much talked about iWatch. However, Reuters points out the fact that Apple intents to make health information available for both clients and health specialists. Thus, health aspects such as pulse,, weigh and blood pressure would be accessed by the patient and the doctor treating him/her.

The report offering this new piece of information on Apple’s plans claims that the Cleveland Clinic is experimenting with HealthKit beta in order to identify solutions for the clinic usage of the kit. The HealthKit might save time and resources for many hospital and doctor’s offices. Applications such as fitness tracker or Glucometers will no longer bother doctors while trying to cure a patient.

The HealthKit and the Health App are going to be launched this year and they will be functioning on iOS8. But, the applications are available for iOS registered developers even now.

Nonetheless, medical specialists might feel a bit reluctant when it comes to using the HealthKit due to the privacy issues. But Apple is definitely determined to convince both medical specialists and ordinary customers to use these health applications.

A More Powerful Processor For iPhone 6 the 5.5 Version

As the supposed September launch of the new iPhone 6 draws nearer, there are more and more rumors spreading around. The latest one refers to the fact that the processor of the 5.5 inch version is going to be bigger than the one of the 4.7 inch model.

Timothy Arcuri an analyst working for Cowen&Co made this prediction on the basis on the Asian supply checks. AppleInsider has received a copy of the report containing this piece of information.

Arcuri was informed by his sources that the iPhone 6, the 5.5 version will have a more powerful processor than the smaller version of the iPhone 6. This is not a first time strategy for Apple. Thus, the A7 processor of the iPad Air has a power of 1.39 gigahertz while the iPad mini has a processor having just 1.29 gigahertz.

The analyst has claimed that the processor of the larger version of iPhone 6 might come in with a larger die. This hints towards a wide architectural split.

A more prominent die may imply that the 5.5 inch model is going to have extra on-die silicon. It may also imply that Apple will produce two types of chips (the much rumored A8) in various plants and using various production processes.

An older rumor claimed that Apple has the intention to split the production of the A8 between the Taiwan based TSMC and the famous South Korean company Samsung. However, other rumors have claimed that the Taiwanese company has managed to obtain the whole order.

Arcuri considers that there will be some difference between the touch modules of the two phone versions. For the time being TPK is the company producing touch modules for the iPhone. However, certain changes might occur as the company is supposed to have been selected as the producer for the nanowire parts of the iWatch.

The Xbox will hit the Chinese Stores on the 23rd of September

Finally, the Chinese officials have agreed that video games are not such a tremendous threat for the people’s health. They have also made legal the selling of game consoles throughout the country. Therefore, Microsoft has announced that Xbox One is going to be launched on the Chinese market on the 23rd of September. Chinese gamers will have to possibility to purchase the famous console for 599 US dollars (3,699 yuan).

Xbox One is the first gaming console to be sold on the Chinese territories. The sale process will be done through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The marketing vice-president of Microsoft, Mister Yusuf Mehdi said that selling in China was definitely a challenge for Microsoft but also a huge honor at the same time.

The partnership signed with Bes-TV belonging to E-Home Entertainment implies that Redmond has the possibility to introduce Xbox One with more than seventy games. It can also introduce numerous films, series, television programs, documentaries, sports events and many others.  Famous games will be distributes along with the free, less known ones. Thus, game enthusiasts will have the possibility to purchase the Forza Motorsport 5 for prices varying between 99 and 249 yuan (the official Chinese currency).

Zhang Dashong, the senior vice president working for Shanghai Media Group and for E-Home Entertainment said that his team had been working with Microsoft for about a year in order to prepare the Xbox for the Chinese market. He also added that the companies had a similar vision about entertainment and gaming.

Some of the games on the Xbox One will not be available on other devices sold in China. Gamers will be able to spend their free time enjoying the challenges of Zoo Tycoon, Powerstar Golf or Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood. Other games will be available later in the year. Among these will be Halo and Sunset Overdrive. Some of the best game producers in the world are working together in order to bring their best games to the Chinese buyers. Electronic Arts, 2 K and Ubisoft and a few local developers will bring their contribution to the Xbox One library.

In the Xbox pack, buyers will find games like Neverwinter and Powerstar Golf. They will be backed up by a Special Edition Pack and BesTV. To make the experience more pleasant the users will get free access to the Xbox Live Gold during the month of March. They will also benefit from a local interface, content translated into their language and native methods of payment. Moreover, users will receive a warranty of two years for the purchased product and customer service support tailored according to their needs.

There will be a Day One edition, which will obviously be limited. It will have Kinect for the Xbox One, some extra games and various exclusive offers. This special edition console will be available for the price of 4,299 yuan.

The announcement about the Xbox release in China has come after the Chinese authorities have made several unannounced searches at four of the Microsoft basis located in China. They have said that they were investigating some antitrust accusations. Nonetheless, these actions have not affected the September launch.

After the Xbox One release, Redmond has decided to remain in the Chinese territories in order to set up two centres for innovation. The purpose is to stimulate local initiatives in the development of video games and applications. One of the centres has already found a crib in Shanghai. They are expected to become engines to boost the entertainment industry on the Asian continent.

The centres will receive funding from the government but also from Microsoft.

Apple’s OS X Yosemite Beta Available on the Market

Starting with the 24th of July 2014, Apple fans will be able to make use of the new OS X Yosemite. Developers have had the possibility to test drive this operating system for desktops for several weeks now.

Apple declared for the Register that the 10.10 version of OS X would be available starting with the 24th of July. The OS X Yosemite Beta can be downloaded by users who enlisted for the public beta program.

It seems that the giant electronic company has made everything possible to confirm the previous rumors about Yosemite Beta being released in late July.

The operating system was announced for the first time during the Worldwide Developer Conference which was held in San Francisco in the month of June this year. Since then, the operating system has been available for the Apple developers under the form of a closed beta program.

The Yosemite is a follow-up of the OS X Mavericks. Apple claims that the new system will have better sport integration for iOS devices. Not only for them but also for later versions of Spotlight, Safari, Mail and others.

The Ultimate Photo Experience: Amazing Android Camera Applications

You either love or hate your taking pictures with your Android phone. There is no way in between. All this is due to the fact that Android devices are backed by Google OS but any phone producer can create its own camera applications. Obviously, some developers are better than others when it comes to enrich the camera experience. Therefore, it is better to utilize a camera application produced by a third party than the one extant on the phone.

There are dozens of camera applications available for customers on the Google Play Store. However, there are three of them that stand out due to their features, excellent performance and interface. They can be used to take high quality picture and capture unique moments.

Each of these three applications requires the minimum version of Android OS. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that both features and performance might vary quite a lot in accordance with the model of the phone and with the Android version on which it is functioning. The following applications have been tested with the help of a Samsung Galaxy S5 running on Android 4.4.2.

 Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome is an application created by SmugMug to round its photo sharing web site. The application has a sensible organized interface. It is not a free application. Those who want it on their phones have to pay 2.99 US dollars. However, it unlocks various editing filters and it also pre-sets the in application purchase that can be found on the iOS. The SmugMug has numerous options that can be used in order to control the exposure.

The user has the possibility set and close focus and exposure on different zones just by gently tapping the phone screen. Unfortunately, with numerous smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 included the icon for the exposure stands still right in the middle of the phone screen. The phone user has to reframe the shot as soon as the exposure closes down. The exposure compensation slider may be used in order to bring more light or darkness to the scene. This is possible because the camera adjust in an automatic manner its ISO as well as its shutter. The ISO setting can be selected manually. There are four white pre-sets for the user to choose from.

The application has a simple design, which makes it easy to use. The shooting modes are placed at one end of viewfinder. In the opposite part are located the camera setting along with the preferences. The HDR shooting allows the mixing of several photos. The panorama mode allows the user to move the camera so as to form an arc of 180 degrees.

Time lapse photos are possible due to the sixty seconds time mode and to the interval shooting option. The mode for the full resolution mode is conditioned by the rapidity with which a phone can store images. The Samsung Galaxy S5 with its 8 fps and 12 megapixels images can be used to get some blink free face portraits. The application allows a single axis level to prevent crooked horizons to pop out. The image stabilizer mode prevents the camera from taking the picture, until the phone is hold properly.

The front and the rear cameras can take advantages of the resolution created for still and moving captures. Users having a SmugMug application can save their pictures online and can also permit automatic cloud backups. Files can also be shared if Facebook and Twitter applications are installed on the phone. Photos can be downsized in an automatic manner before being shared. SmugMug functions either on Android 4.1 or a newer version.

Google Camera

Not so long ago, it was impossible to have a genuine Android camera experience in the absence of a Google Nexus phone. But there is good news for owners of phones running on Android. They can use Google’s camera application with any type of smart phone that is functioning with the help of the new version of Android.

Taking a closer look at the application, it is obvious that Google had no intention into dazzling users with numerous features. The application has a button for exposure compensation but it has only five different shooting possibilities. These include a HDR, a timer mode and video capture. The users will definitely be impressed by the panorama mode and the Photo Sphere which permit the creation of a 360 degree scrollable image, similar to the one of Google Street View.

The sweep panorama operation is done better with the help of the Photo Sphere and Panorama. The user has to take the first shot and then to move the camera in the direction of some large white coloured dots which appear on the screen on both side of an image thumbnail. If the user focuses the frame on one of the dots, it becomes blue. At this point the camera has to be held still because another photo is taken in an automatic way. This is probably the least complicated method to create panoramas. The photo sphere or the panorama (it depends on the user’s momentary desires) can be created from the left, right, edge or centre. There is no specific position from where to start the panorama. Other dots pop up on both sides of the photo frames.

The photos are amazing and only rarely can one perceive misaligned objects or unclear images of people moving around. Google uses various algorithms in order to mix seams and eliminate objects on the move. In the pictures taken with the help of this application pedestrians and cars on roads either appear as in real life or are removed from the scene. The panoramas are presented in full details. While taking panoramas the application sets the camera in the auto mode. In this way the final pictures to not have portions that are too dark or too bright.

The HDR feature can retain details and soften shadows without giving the impression of a surreal landscape as it is the case with so many other applications displaying this feature. The Google Camera HD features can be utilized together with the settings for exposure compensation. The Lens Blur imitates the field depth of traditional lenses. However, this simulation makes picture look quite surreal and therefore the feature cannot be classified as useful for photography enthusiasts.

The application has an easy to use interface. There are also icons to control the camera, an amazing photo gallery and obviously a shooting mode. It is extremely interesting to see the icons sliding into darkness when the user no longer needs them. Like Camera Awesome above, Google Camera needs and Android 4.4 or an even more recent version.

Camera FV-5

The Camera FV-5 is a bit more complicated applications since it was created for photographers who enjoy having lots of manual control on both camera and settings. The user has the possibility to choose between focus modes and various metering possibilities. There is also a white balance pre-set to make the experience even more enjoyable. The ISO speed of the camera can be adjusted manually.

The slider for exposure compensation can be used in order to modify brightness fast and without too many complications. The application comes in with a histogram. This permits the users to follow individual RGB channels or if he/she really wants to a composite luminance view.

The exposure can be adjusted manually or automatically. The speed of the shutter and the values of the ISO can be seen on the screen. One press of the button and the users can shoot up to seven pictures. Time lapse pictures are possible to crate due to the option for the interval shootings. This option allows the user to set the amount of time between shots. It also sets a limit to the number of pictures to be taken.

The setting menu is very complex. It allows the user to fix the resolution of images and to compress JPEG files. Default parameters can be selected for contrast and other photo characteristics. The Camera FV-5 is ideal for people who enjoy uploading their files on cloud. It gives them the possibility to make filename templates which have custom text as well as image metadata. Exposures can be recorded for sixty seconds.

In spite of the numerous options the interface is rather simple. However, it is quite difficult to discover all by yourself the functionality of each button so the manual should not be thrown into the dust bin. It is obvious that the camera was created having experienced photographers in mind but even beginners will appreciate the exposure compensation slider. The Camera FV-5 functions with Android 2.2 or any other more recent version. For the time being, there is a free version available, but with a limited resolution.